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live portraits

"A picture truly is worth a thousand words, as I've seen over and and over again with the art of Jane Kirby. Jane and I first met on staff at Mademoiselle magazine, and have continued to work together over the years at Harper's Bazaar, Nylon, and ELLE Magazine. I highly recommend Jane for any special occasion or event: Recently, Jane painted portraits for over 50 guests at my baby shower. Not only did she make every single guest feel like a supermodel, everyone went home with a wildly chic piece of artwork, starring themselves."

Emily Dougherty - Beauty Director ELLE Magazine

"Jane Kirby makes any room a very special place. Beyond making everyone feel like a fashionable supermodel through her stylish portraits, Jane's creativity, kindness, positive energy, and ability to talk to anyone with ease makes her a bonus to any social situation. To be in her around her is a gift. After knowing Jane through friends through years and admiring her work, I asked her to paint portraits on the fly at a baby shower I was hosting at Laduree. Many of the guests are leaders in the beauty industry, and when it comes to events, have truly seen it all. I was over the moon at how well the crowd responded -- no one wanted to leave without having their potrait painted! A true testament to Jane's talent and pure loveliness. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Crystal Meers - Writer, Editor: Fathom, Daily Candy

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